Thanks for your thoughtful comment! It's crazy how a universal definition of luxury has been marketed and pushed on all of us. I think for most of us our definition of luxury and what it means for our own closets and accessories would look very different. And the quality of the product should definitely be important.

Appreciate your shouting out Furla, yes they are great, and to my knowledge have managed to do business without violating human rights or getting caught in lies about the country of origin of their products.

This issue of luxury and country of origin is very complicated and brands find workarounds for it. Or blatantly open a factory in Texas and know that there will still be a market for the product (LVMH).

Unfortunately labor violations have reached Italian luxury brands, but stories out of Italy aren't as frequent.

Writing about Fashion, Spirituality, Business & Psychology via my research & life experiences. These topics intersect more often than you might expect.

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