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A Lesson In Fashion Consumerism

In today’s fashion industry, a polo shirt for sale at Target and one available at Bloomingdale’s might have been made on sewing machines in the same factory in Bangladesh. I reference both of these companies because they both have almost universal name recognition in the U.S. Target is a mass retailer know for great prices, and Bloomingdale’s describes itself as a ‘luxury department store chain’. If clothes at Bloomindale’s cost more but were made in the same factory as Target’s apparel, can we safely assume that Bloomingdale’s sells a better quality garment?

In fashion, it’s safe to say that the…

From a Fashion Industry Dropout

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Over the last three decades, the fashion industry figured out how to produce more products than ever before, at cheaper price points without considering the environmental or human impacts. A focus solely on increased profit margins while ignoring the effects on humans and the planet is what enabled fashion companies to achieve such a feat.

There are long-time industry practices at every level of the industry no one talks about or criticizes. If you work in the industry, you are privy to these things and expected to buy into them. They are referred to as “the way we do business,”…

4 Ways to Start Aligning Your Purchases and Your Values Now

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We wear clothes for a variety of reasons; for protection, as a form of self-expression, as a uniform, a way to belong, or even to stand out. Clothes for most of us are a daily necessity. No matter the type of clothing someone wears or the reason they wear it, human hands are involved in making those garments. If you’re someone that is concerned with social justice, human rights, and the well-being of others, it’s time to start paying attention to fashion.

When the fashion industrial revolution took place it was the speed at which clothes were made that changed…

You Don’t Have to Love Fashion to Care About Your Clothes

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Sick of spending too much time figuring out what to wear? Have any idea how many times you’ve worn your favorite pair of jeans? Doing some shopping and wondering how many navy blue tees hang in your closet? There’s an app that can help you with all of these things.

I have worked in and around the fashion industry for over 15 years in various roles, including product development, production, and merchandising. I love clothes, and I am fascinated by the relationship between people and clothing. Through my work in fashion and psychology, I received an invite to test the…

Are We Paying Too Much for Fashion’s Latest Trend?

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In today’s fashion marketplace, the number of brands available in every category of clothing and at every price point is almost limitless. Garments coined as “athleisure” come with the dual promise of supporting us in our workouts and helping us look good even when we’re not at the gym (brunch, shopping, running errands, etc.). In March, I went searching for a new sports bra online. I am 5 feet tall and brands design most clothing for women 5'4" and taller. The very common and ever-popular racerback sports bras aren’t comfortable for me. …

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Writing about Fashion, Spirituality, Business & Psychology via my research & life experiences. These topics intersect more often than you might expect.

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